Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1913, Formula143 Special, Ivan Ivanov, Nevalga, Russo-Balt

1913 Russo-Balt C24/58 Ivanov

The Russo-Balt C54/58 #9 driven by Ivan Ivanov finished second in the first Grand Prix race held in Russia. The race was held in a 30,4 km road circuit in Krasnoe Selo near St. Petersburg. The race was organized by St. Petersburg Automobile Club, and was officially known as “Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de St. Petersburg”, but not the Russian Grand Prix as many later sources wrongly indicate. Twenty one entrants started the race, including 11 Russian and 10 European drivers. The most famous among them was Arthur Duray. The winner, Russian Georgy Suvorin in Benz 29/60 PS, covered 7 laps (212,8 km) with the average speed of 88.7 kph. Ivan Ivanov finished second in his Russo-Balt, and French Rene Nothombe in Metallurgique 27/80 PS was third.

Russo-Balt was the only Russian car in the race, driven by works test driver with the very Russian name, Ivan Ivanov.  The Russo-Baltic (sometimes called Russo-Baltique) Wagon Factory was founded in 1874 in Riga, then a major industrial center of Russian Empire. The factory began producing cars since 1909. The 24/58 model was the racing special powered by 4-cylinder engine and based on a production model which competed in Monte-Carlo rally in 1912 and 1913. In the racing variant the car featured new bodywork, and the car was nicknamed the “Cucumber” for its shape and color.

1913GPGrand Prix de l’AC de St. Petersburg
Driver No.Entrant
Ivan Ivanov9A. Nagel
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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