The second Grand Prix of the St. Petersburg Automobile Club was held in 1914 at the same road circuit in Krasnoe Selo near St. Petersburg as 1913 race. This time the race was less representative  – only 15 competitors including five foreign participants entered and started. The winner was German Willy Scholl in Benz, Stepan Ovsyannikov in Vauxhall finished second, and Italian Eugenio Beria d’Argentine in Aquila Italiana was third. Ivan Ivanov drove an updated Russo-Balt racer, but retired on lap 2 due to broken cylinder valve. The car featured increased engine with  cylinder size of 107x140mm, and a more aerodynamic elongated body compared to 1913 24/58 model.

1914GPGrand Prix de l’AC de St. Petersburg
Driver No.Entrant
Ivan Ivanov
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