Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1931, Brian Phipps, Formula143 Special, Maserati, Rene Dreyfus

1931 Maserati 26M Dreyfus

The Tipo 26M was designed in 1930 as mostly single-seaters (M meaning monoposto) and also referred to as 8C 2500 (8 cylinder, 2500 cc). The new 3 litre 26M cars which appeared from 1933 onwards are usually referred to as 8C-3000s, but they actually were just the same (re-used) 26M chassis fitted with a 3 litre engine. The Maserati team entered three of their 2500 cc type racecars for Luigi Fagioli, Clemente Biondetti and René Dreyfus  in 1931 Targa Florio race. The Maseratis of Fagioli and Biondetti crashed early on, whereas Dreyfus’ racecar was retired after ¾ race in hopeless position.

1931Grand PrixTarga Florio
Driver No.Entrant
Rene Dreyfus12Officine A. Maserati
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brian Phipps
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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