Grand Prix History in Scale Models

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1931 Stevens Schneider

The 1931 Indianapolis 500 race attracted record 70 entries for practice and qualifying. Racing specials built by specialized small companies or workshops like Duesenberg, Miller or Snowberger competed against the production chassis with stock-block engines manufactured by big car companies such as Hudson, Chrysler, Studebaker, Buick, Dodge and Ford. In general, the racing experience and skills of garage car builders exceeded the resources of big companies. First nine places in the finish were taken by specialized racing car builders, and the best of bigs was Dodge driven by Chet Miller, who finished 10th. One of such garage racecar builders was Myron Stevens, former racing driver. Stevens started to work for Harry A. Miller in 1922, building bodies, frames and fuel tanks for Miller race cars. In 1927, Frank S. Lockhart, the winner of the 1926 Indianapolis 500, hired Stevens to help create the body for Lockhart’s Stutz Black Hawk land speed record car. Stevens established his own shop in 1928, and his cars raced at Indy since 1930 until mid-50s. Five Stevens cars were qualified for the 1931 Indy. Lou Schneider drove one of them, powered by Miller 8-cylinder 151 cc engine. Schneider started from position 13, gradually moved to top and went into the lead on lap 162 to beat Fred Frame’s Duesenberg by 43 seconds. Louis “Lou” Schneider was born in Indianapolis, an entered AAA championship in 1927. The victory in Indianapolis 500 in 1931 was his only win in the championship races.

1931AAA National ChampionshipIndianapolis 500
Driver No.Entrant
Louis Schneider23L.B. Schneider
ChassisEngineCar Name
StevensMillerBowes Seal Fast Spl.
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43M.A. Scale Models
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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