Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1972, Brian Redman, Mclaren, Spark

1972 McLaren M19A Redman

The M19 was constructed by McLaren team in 1971 and raced in the seasons 1971 (as McLaren M19A) and 1972-73 (improved version designated M19C). The car was designed by Ralph Bellamy while the chief designer of the team Gordon Coppuck was busy with  the  McLaren M16 Indianapolis 500 car project. The M19 featured  aluminium monocoque covered with fiberglass panels, Cosworth DFV engine as a fully stressed member, and a  new rising rate suspension. The suspension used inboard coilover shocks for the front and rear, which were actuated through a swinging link that gave an increasing spring rate as the springs were compressed. But it never worked well, and was replaced by conventional suspension on  the M19C in 1972.

McLaren gained a new sponsor for the 1972 Formula One season, the cosmetics and perfume company Yardley of London. The cars were repainted white to reflect this new sponsorship, with only the side fuel tanks continuing to be painted in the traditional McLaren orange. The season began with Denny Hulme finishing the Argentine Grand Prix in second place, the first podium finish for a McLaren M19. Peter Revson made his McLaren debut in the second car. The next race proved even better, with both drivers on the podium and Hulme taking both his and McLaren’s first win since the 1969 Mexican Grand Prix. In total, McLaren scored 1 win and 11 podiums (7 by Hulme and four by Peter Revson) in 1972 and finished 3rd in the Constructors’ Championship. British Brian Redman raced in 3 races for McLaren with M19A in 1972, replacing Revson. He finished 5th in Monaco and Germany, and was 9th in France.

1972F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Brian Redman15Yardley Team McLaren
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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