Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1970, Alpine, Eligor, Formula France, Michel Leclere

1970 Alpine A340 Leclere

Formula France was introduced in 1968 by the French Motorsport Federation (FFSA) as a category of single – seater cars preceeding Formula 3 . The cars  were equipped with the Renault 8 Gordini 1,300  cc engine with 105 horsepower. The tires were special Michelin XAS FF soft rubber tires. In 1968-70, the Formula France Criterium was run allowing drivers to compete each year in around fifteen events. In 1971, the championship was taken over by Régie Renault, which renamed it the Critérium de Formule Renault before adopting the engine of the Renault 12 Gordini 1600cc in 1972. Manufacturers of Formula France chassis included such companies as Alpine, Pygmée, Grac, JEFA, Gerca, Fournier-Marcadier, as well as many private car builders. Automobile Alpine created its F France car, A340, in 1968. The single-seater was  equipped with the R8 Gordini engine and a five-speed gearbox. The A340 was produced in  seven copies.

Michel Leclère started in the Coupe de France Renault Gordini in 1968 and finished second in the championship the following year. In 1970, he moved to Formula France in an Alpine-Renault. Leclère whose engine was prepared by his brother Jean-Louis. Michel scored one win in 1970, was 5th  in the championship, and won the title of French champion the following year.

1970Formula France Champoinship
Driver No.Entrant
Michel Leclere22
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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