Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1996, 1:50, Conrad, Gerd Korber, MAN, Truck Racing

1996 MAN 18.423 Körber

MAN 18.423 truck was a very popular model used in European truck racing by many teams in 1995 – 2000. In the 1996 European Truck Racing Cup (ETRC) season German Gerd Körber drove one of these trucks for his Gummi-Mayer team in Super Race Trucks (SRT) class. Vice champion of the previous season, Körber collected lot of wins, but lost the title to Steve Parrish in Mecedes Benz in the final round at Jarama. Parrish scored 395 points, Körber was second with 384 points, ahead of another MAN driver Fritz Kreutzpointner with 381 points.

Körber was one of the most legendary and charismatic figure in the European truck racing, being talented driver and play-boy of the truck peloton. He spent 31 seasons in ETRC – since 1987 till 2017, driving for the most part of his career yellow MAN trucks with Gummi-Mayer sponsorship. In 1991 he was champion of the Class C in his Phoenix-MAN, and in 2002 and 2003 he won two consecutive titles in SRT class driving Buggyra truck. Körber also collected five vice-champion titles and three 3rd places in various truck classes during his long career. In addition to his work as a truck racing driver, Gerd Körber was the managing director of Bickel-Tec GmbH, his family’s vehicle construction and paint shop in Rheina, Baden.

The 1/50 scale model of MAN Super Race Truck was issued by Conrad in many variants representing 1996 – 2000 seasons.

1996FIA ETR Cup
Driver No.Entrant
Gerd Körber8
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
09.38069-0116 / 6000

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