Grand Prix History in Scale Models

John Day Models


The company named after his founder was established in UK in 1969 as manufacturer of white metal kits and assembled models. John Day Models (Malvern Co. Ltd.) had a range of about 500 models including some F1 and pre-war GP racers. In 1976 company was involved in F1 sponsorship. First deal to sponsor Ensign team to run Chris Amon didn’t work out, but then John agreed with Max Mosley to sponsor March team. This resulted in “John Day Model Cars” being displayed in large letters on the nose cone of Hans Stuck’s March. In 1980 John Day Model cars went to bankruptcy, but in the mid 1990s Day returned to model cars business, this time with white metal in 1:76 scale.  Currently John Day Models still exists running by John’s son Crispin.

John Day models in Formula143 Collection

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