Grand Prix History in Scale Models



French toys and models producer from 1960s – 1970s. The company arose from out of the previous French toymaker Jadali. Jadali was established in 1952 by Léon Gouttman and his son Jacques-Henri Gouttman. It was an acronym of Jacques, Daniel, and Linette, the names of Gouttman’s three children. In 1955-1957 Jadali production was moved to Barcelona. In 1960, Gouttman enters an agreement with a Mr. De Beque who owns a plastic moulding and diecasting company called Safir. Safir is an acronym for Société Anonyme de Fabrication d’ Injection et de Recherches (Injection Study and Fabrication Company Limited). Goutmann brought to Safir diecasting technology and company  started diecast production with 2 1:43 scale vehicles: a Ford Model T and a 1902 Renault Paris-Vienna racer.  Safir continued production of model vehicles until about 1978 in Montreuil,  east of central Paris. Company specialization was classic French vehicles with occasional Italian of German marques.

Safir models in Formula143 Collection

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