Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1958, Graham Hill, Lotus, Spark

1958 Lotus 16 Hill

Lotus 16 was the second Formula One car designed by Colin Chapman. The 16 had a conventional tubular frame with an independent suspension at both the front and the rear. In the back was the ‘Chapman strut’ first featured on the Lotus 12. There were eight examples of the Lotus 16 created, with one being constructed to full F1 specifications, fitted with a 2.5-liter FPF engine. Initially, the cars were given a 2-liter Coventry Climax FPF four-cylinder powerplant. The 16 looked very similar to the hugely successful Vanwall, Chapman had designed for Tony Vandervell in 1956. The car debut was at French Grand Prix 1958 when Graham Hill retired because of engine overheating. The car was used by team Lotus in the second half of 1958, in 1959, and in a first Grand Prix in 1960. The best result of the 16 in 1958 was a 6th in the Italian Grand Prix. The scale model by Spark  represents Graham Hill’s car from the 1958 British Grand Prix. The problem of overheating was not solved till this round, and both Graham Hill and Alan Stacy driving the second 16 retired in the early stages of the race.

1958F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Graham Hill16Team Lotus
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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