Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1947, Formula Libre, IXO, Juan Manuel Fangio, Luppa Coleccion Museo Fangio, Volpi

1947 Volpi-Chevrolet Fangio

This racing car was custom made for Argentinian racing driver Ernesto Nanni by special coachbuilder and racing car specialist Diseño de Conrado Volpi, to race in the Fuerza Libre – Formula Libre of the Formula National in Argentina. The car featured a H-type chassis, independent front and rear suspension, close ratio four-speed manual “dog box”, a “Quick Change” differential, weighted 1180 kg and had a top speed of 300 km/h. Initially it was powered by  a Cadillac 8L 7413cc V16 engine tuned by Eddie Rickenbacker (Rickenbacker Motor Company, Detroit) with tripple Detroit Lubricator downdraft carburettors, and produced about 500 bhp, The car was acquired by Juan Manuel Fangio in summer 1947 to replace his Ford T based  Chevrolet powered racer nicknamed “La Negritas” due to its black livery. The Volpi was  christened “La Petisa” and debuted with little success on July 13, 1947, in Bell Ville finishing 5th. Fangio decides to replace the Cadillac engine with a 6-cylinder 3.8-litres Chevrolet motor with which he achieved a  victory in Montevideo Grand Prix in Uruguay on 17 August 1947. Next events were two races at  Playa Grande Mar del Plata Circuit, Argentina hold on September 20th and 21st . Fangio drove Volpi-Chevrolet with the racing number 13 on both days. He won the first race, and was 5th in the second. From then on Fangio and his Volpi-Chevrolet took victories in many Mecanica National races during the 1947 – 1949 seasons. Also Fangio won 4 national championship titles on 1947-49 driving this Volpi-Chevrolet. His fourth Argentinian title in 1950 was won with the Ferrari 166 F2 and Talbot Lago T26C  cars. The scale model by IXO is from the Fangio Museum Collection distributed in Argentina.

1947Formula Libre / Mecanica NationalPremio Primavera, Playa Grande Mar del Plata
Driver No.Entrant
Juan Manuel Fangio13
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43IXOLuppa Colleccion Museo Fangio
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 13

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