Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1958, Spark, Stuart Lewis-Evans, Vanwall

1958 Vanwall VW4 Lewis-Evans

The 1958 Vanwall essentially was the same car as Tony Vanderwell’s creatures in 1956-57. Cars designed by Chapman along with the aerodynamicist Frank Costin were of space frame construction, the De Dion rear axle’s unsprung weight reduced and front torsion bar added. At the end of 1957, alcohol fuels were banned and replaced by a compulsory 130-octane aviation gasoline. This caused problems for Vanwall and BRM with their large bore engines that required methanol for engine cooling. As a result, the Vanwall’s power dropped from 290 bhp at 7,500 rpm to 278 bhp. This put Vanwall at a disadvantage to the new Dino Ferrari V6 cars with a claimed its 286 bhp at 8,300 rpm. But Vandervell’s cars were superior in road holding and aerodynamics. The trio of excellent British pilots – Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks, and Stuart Lewis-Evans – continued to drove for Vanwall in 1958, as in 1957. Vanwall drivers  won 6 Grand Prix of the World Championship – more than any other team. Striling Moss and Tony Brooks scored 3 victories each. It was enough to secure the first Constructors Championship tittle for Vanwall, but was not enough for the Driver’ title. Mike Hawthorn with Ferrari despite only one victory won the Driver’s Championship ahead of Moss and Brooks. This car is Lewis-Evans Vanwall from the 1958 Belgian Grand Prix where the Englishman finished 3rd behind Tony Brooks and Mike Hawthorn. Please note a smashed nose of the Stuart’s car. He collided with Gendebien’s Ferrari in the beginning of the race, but was able to continue without visiting pits. Stuart achieved another podium finish in Portuguese Grand Prix, but was fatally injured at the Ain-Diab circuit during the season-ending Moroccan Grand Prix. His Vanwall’s engine seized and sent him lurching into barriers at high speed, and his car burst into flames. He was airlifted back to the UK, but died in hospital of his burns six days after the accident. Vandervell never fully recovered from Lewis-Evans’s death and withdrew from motorsport at the end of 1958. The model is designated by Spark as VW5, but according to chassis records Lewis-Evans drovw VW4 at the Belgian GP.

1958F1WCBelgian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Stuart Lewis-Evans6Vandervell Products
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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