Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1993, Ligier, Martin Brundle, Onyx

1993 Ligier JS39 Brundle

The JS39, designed by Gerard Ducarouge, Paul Crooks and Loic Bigois and driven by Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell, performed quite well. The car fitted with the Renault RS53.5 V10 engine was regular top-6 finisher. Three 3rd place finishes achieved by Brundle in San Marino and by Blundell in South Africa and Germany, together with other good results allowed Ligier to occupy 5th place in the World Constructors’ Championship. Brundle and Blundell were placed 7th and 10th in the Drivers’ standings. The long-term major sponsor of the team, Gitanes cigarettes, continued to support the French team for 20 years providing its well recognizable blue and white livery. For the last two races in 1993, the logo on the sidepod disappeared – at least for one car. That doesn’t mean Gitanes were gone from the livery, though. In fact, they were more present than ever. Italian comics author Hugo Pratt was tasked by the French tobacco manufacturer SEITA – parent company of Gitanes – to create a special livery for Martin Brundle’s #25 car. As with the regular season livery, the car was predominantly blue. All other sponsor logos expect Gitanes were gone. The name of the main sponsor was written in huge letters along the entire chassis. It was partly overlaid by an oversized version of Gitanes’ logo’s white billows of smoke, both on the engine cover and on the rear part of the nose cone. This way, the wording was almost unrecognizable and so was the smoke – making the mix of blue and white appear more like a cow pattern. On top of the smoke sat Gitanes’ trademark silhouette of a woman playing the tambourine.

1993F1WCAustralian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Martin Brundle25Ligier Gitanes Blondes
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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