After the dominance of its pre-war cars, Mercedes returned to Grand Prix racing in 1954 and dominated again. The German team had two versions of its unbeatable W196 – car with streamlined body for fast circuits and traditional open-wheeled version for slower tracks. The latter, although it had 28% more drag, was 40 kg lighter and allowed the driver to see the wheels, which facilitated handling in difficult corners. So, streamlined version was used in Reims, Silverstone, and Monza, and open-wheels car in Nurburgring, Bremgarten, and Pedralbes. From his four wins in 1954 with Merceds Fangio  won twice in the streamlined car (at French and Italian Grands Prix), and twice in open-wheeler (at German and Swiss Grands Prix). The scale model by IXO from La Legende Mercedes-Benz Collection distributed by Altaya represents Fangio’s car from the Belgian Grand Prix.

See also models of 1954 streamliner driven by Fangio in Reims and open-wheeled car from Nurburgring.

1954F1WCSwiss GP
Driver No.Entrant
Juan Manuel Fangio4Daimler Benz AG
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43IXOAltaya La Legende Mercedes-Benz
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Gift Set (5)