Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1961, Cooper, Jack Brabham, Spark

1961 Cooper T55 Brabham

In 1961 new Formula 1 regulations reducing engine displacement from 2.5 to 1.5 litres were introduced. For the 1961 season  Cooper developed a new version, T55, which was available for works driver at major Grand Prix, while old T53 were entered by works team in some minor non-championship events. Coventry Climax were late in producing the smaller 1.5-litre engine required for the 1961 season and the Cooper-Climaxes were outclassed by new mid-engined cars from Porsche, Lotus, and championship-winners Ferrari. The season for T55 was completely disappointing – no wins, no podiums and only 4th place in Constructor’s standings. Jack Brabham scored only three points and finished 11th in the championship. He had a little more success in the non-championship Formula One races, where he ran his own private Coopers T53 and T55 and took three victories at Snetterton (T53),  Brussels (T53) , and Aintree (T55).

1961F1WCDutch GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jack Brabham10Cooper Car Company
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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