Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1996, Damon Hill, Ligier, Onyx

1996 Bridgestone Test Car (Ligier JS41) Hill

Bridgestone appeared as regular Formula One tyres supplier since 1997.  Though it was scheduled to enter the championship in the 1998 season at first, this was brought forward to 1997 because the engineering section led by Hirohide Hamashima had quickly advanced development. First tyre tests were ran at Suzuka circuit in November 1996 with 1994 Ligier JS41 Mugen-Honda driven by Damon Hill. Hill clocked a best time of 1m 40.14s, just eight tenth of a second slower than his qualifying time in Williams for the Grand Prix of Japan a month earlier.

1996F1Suzuka Tyre Tests Nov 14 1996
Driver No.Entrant
Damon HillBrigestone
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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