Like many other team, Williams used an interim car in the 2021 season, ahead of new F1 technical regulations that come into effect in 2022. The FW43B, despite being a modification of 2020 FW43, represented a strong step forward in qualifying and race pace to its predecessor. George Russell regularly challenged for top 10 in qualifying, and the team narrowly missing out on points scoring positions towards the middle of the season at France and Austria. Williams finally scored their first points of the season at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with Latifi and Russell finishing 8th and 9th on the road, respectively, before being promoted one place up each following Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification. Later the season Russell finished 9th at Monza and 10th at Sochi, and Latifi was 9th in the Belgian Grand Prix.

2021F1WCBahrain GP
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George Russell63Williams Racing
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444 pcs. Limited edition exclusive edition for and