Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1:50, 2000, Conrad, Gerd Korber, MAN, Truck Racing

2000 MAN 19.414 FT Körber

German Gerhard (Gerd) Körber spent two years in 1999-98 in DAF Fina Racing Team, and in 2000 moved to Hasseroeder Team Muller replacing Spanish Jordi Jene. The team founded by Peter A. Mueller switched from Mercedes-Benz Atego to MAN trucks in 2000. Korber brought his passion and expertise to the team and finished the 2000 season 3rd in Super Trucks Class winning four Cup Races (at Valencia, A1-Ring and twice at Misano).

2000FIA ETR Cup
Driver No.Entrant
Gerd Körber4Hasseroder-Team-Muller
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
09.38069-0178 / 60002/01

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