Grand Prix History in Scale Models

Amalgam Collection

Amalgam creates the very highest quality large-scale  model cars and yachts, for designers, manufacturers and high-end collectors worldwide. They supply the majority of Formula 1 teams with large-scale models and replica steering wheels for presentation to VIPs and for the use of sponsors and team partners. Founded in 1985 by Sandy Copeman, Amalgam now had workshops in Bristol (UK), Dongguan (China) and Pécs (Hungary). China workshop was first established in Zhuhai in 2004, moving in 2009 to Dongguan. Workshop in the city of Pécs in the south of Hungary was established in 2015. The scales range of Amalgam covers scales from 1:18 to 1:5.  The brief experience of the brand in 1:43 is restricted to series of 2008 A1 Grand Prix models.

Amalgam Collection models in Formula143 Collection

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