Grand Prix History in Scale Models


Maisto is a toy and models brand that is part of the May Cheong Group, Hong Kong. The company was founded in 1967, and in 1980s Maisto became well known as a diecast vehicle producer after a business conglomeration of May Tat Toy (Mainly motorcycles), May Cheong (MC Toy – which produced smaller vehicles), and Maisto. Now Maisto brand is headquartered in California, and their products are made in China and Thailand. Maisto manufacture 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:25, 1:27, 1:43, 1:31 and 1:64 scale replicas. It also now owns the former Italian Bburago and Polistil brand names. In the area of racing cars Maisto is noted for 1/64 Indy Racing League series of 1998.

Maisto models in Formula143 Collection

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