Grand Prix History in Scale Models

Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning is a brand of model cars originally produced by Topper Toy in 1969s-71s. In 1994  Johnny Lightning trademark was revived by Playing Mantis company. Playing Mantis produced recreations of the original toy cars under the Johnny Lightning brand name from 1994 to June 2004. In 2004 Playing Mantis (including the Johnny Lightning brand) was bought by RC2 Corp. which in turn was bought by the Japanese toy company TOMY in 2011. TOMY discontinued the Johnny Lightning line of diecast cars in 2013. In early 2016 Round 2 LLC, a toy company owned by Thomas Lowe (who also owned Playing Mantis), reintroduced Johnny Lightning vehicles to the toy market for a second time along with new sister brands Auto World and Racing Champions. In 1990s-2000s Johnny Lightning produced a line of contemporary IndyCars in 1:64 scale.

Johnny Lightning models in Formula143 Collection

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