Grand Prix History in Scale Models



Spanish publishing house based in Barcelona. The group was founded in 1981 by Ricardo Rodrigo,​ Carmen Balcells  and Roberto Altarriba, and its name RBA  is the acronym of first letters of founders’ surnames. In 2001 – 2002 RBA has published and distributed in collaboration with Fabbri the first magazine collection devoted to Formula 1. The series was named “Myths of the Formula 1”, consisted of 40 issues and was distributed in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. The diecast models were manufactured by IXO, but were marked as RBA Collectibles, so RBA is listed among manufacturer’s brands here. Later in 2010s  part of RBA Collection was reissued under the banner of “Legends of Formula 1” distributed by Atlas Editions.

RBA models in Formula143 Collection

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